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Halle Black

Boudoir Prep Guide

Wooo! You did it! We cant wait to share this amazing experience with you. Take a look at the next steps to get you ready and excited.


What's First?

You've looked over the investment page and you have a pretty good idea what you want. The next step would be to fill out the "Pre- Session Questionnaire"

Once this is filled out we will need to schedule a consultation phone call or text. In that call we will go over all the juicy details, what vibe you are wanting, where you want to shoot, availability, package and payment options and all the other small things. This your time to ask all the questions. If you choose to continue I will send you a contract and invoice to get you booked.

Once You've Booked

After we have our initial consultation call we will continue to keep in touch leading up to your shoot.  Feel free to send me any questions about the shoot, poses or send me a pic once you find that amazing lingerie you were looking for. I will also send you a prep guide a week or two before our session so you are all ready to go!


Shoot Day!

Today is the day! Woooo! Don't worry its normal to be anxious. Feel free to come early and breathe and relax before you start your session. If you have chosen a package that includes hair and makeup that will be first. Once you are all ready to go we can look at your outfit choices and narrow them down. Once we get shooting I will guide you through a poses you just have to get and any others that are my favorite. And don't worry I will help you with expressions, angles and anything else I can to make sure that inner goddess is seen!

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